Why work with us

Thanks to our experience in organizing (career shifting) training tracks, we know how important it is to find a workplace where you can keep on developing.

And that's why we look for a customer with you, who will also work with you wants to keep growing. With ClimIT we ensure a smooth transition and the necessary guidance in those first years of work experience and you can count on us for hands-on technical support and coaching

Yes, I want to work with ClimIT!

How we make it happen

We get to know each other

Send your CV and give us an insight of what you want out of your future. We, on the other side, will tell you more about our working and selection process.

We set up a career plan and train up

Once you’re onboard, we'll start with the question: what do you need more of in order to grow? Your career coach wil set up a personal development plan with you towards your professional goals. Whether these are soft skills or technical training programs, we have it all!

You meet your career

While you grow, we get started on your career. Your first steps in IT can be exciting, but also overwhelming and difficult. That’s why we work with companies that align with our core values and believe in diverse talent. Just like us.


Is this You ?

Recently graduated, followed a training track or thinking "What's next?"

Already some experience in IT, but ready for the next career step?

Highly motivated to match your talent with a career?

Check out (y)our possibilities:

First Line Support Engineer


Antwerp - ICT Consultancy

As a Junior Support Engineer, you are the first point of contact for technical incidents and questions. You work proactively on solutions and manage IT systems for various processes. Want to know more? Get in touch!