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After an intensive training or reskilling track, it's time for your next move. Taking this next step onto the career ladder can be challenging but we are here to help!

The goal is to guide you with your new skills to that one job you love!


Real stories form ClimIT'ers

Fenny W.
Java Developer

Clim IT has helped me to better understand the responsibilities, the knowledge and skills I need to start a career in cloud computing. I was eager to expand my knowledge and ClimIT offered a suitable curriculum and training for beginners like me.

Stefaan Verdeyen
Network & security engineer

ClimIT gave me the opportunity to obtain additional certifications through a training programme. I feel motivated and am confident that will definitely pay off in my career path.

Joeri Van den Broeck
Network Engineer

Change is always difficult, especially after the whole corona pandemic. But those who do not dare to change remain silent. Do what you've always wanted to do and dare to take the step. ClimIt supports and believes change and I am very grateful for this!

Tom Van Brugghe
Java Developer

I chose ClimIT because of their training and guidance. After an intensive and instructive period, I am ready for my first job.

Your personal career path

Introduce yourself and motivate why you want to progress in your IT career. Our team will get in touch, listen to your goals and set up a plan with you to find the right job!

  • We guide talent in a new career

  • We train potentials without prior knowledge

  • We believe in expanding new talent pools via modern technical training programs

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How we make it happen

1. Onboarding
Get in touch and give us an insight of what you want out of your future. We, on the other side, will tell you more about our working and selection process.
2. Career plan
Your career coach wil set up a personal development plan with you towards your professional goals. Whether these are soft skills or technical training programs, we have it all!
3. Grow
Practicing your new skills, can be exciting, but also overwhelming and difficult. That’s why we work with companies that align with our core values and believe in diverse talent. Just like us.
4. Succeed
While you grow in your career, we are stand-by in your first years of work experience. You can always count on us for hands-on technical support and coaching.