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IT Support

This programme will bring you up to the level of a Junior IT Support Engineer with badge recognition from Cisco. This programme is also the pre-course for Network Administrator and System Administrator.
The place where many IT careers begin, the IT helpdesk. A place many people call from when they have a simple computer problem, to necessary support for more complex set-ups. So a wonderful job to gain first experiences if Networking and Computer systems appeal to you.
4 months
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Of course, it's not just help desk, larger data centres and companies also need good Support engineers to keep their systems running.

If the job as an IT support engineer appeals to you, then this course is for you.


Our training courses have a specific approach and often come in different forms. In all our training courses, we follow our Didactic and Agogic approach, which you can find on our website.

This proposed training is a Full-time Hybrid pathway in which we alternate guided classes with guided self-study and independent learning.
Any Hybrid pathway can also be taken on an Independent basis with support from our Coaches. For more information, please refer to the Independent Training on our website.

Learning path

Being a hybrid path means that we have developed a basic path for each participant to follow. Based on tests, exams and projects, you work through the modules of this path. Once you have completed all the mandatory modules, you will obtain the ClimIT Certificate of this course.

Besides the compulsory Modules, participants also have the option of following extensions. These are modules that provide a similar technology that goes deeper into a particular technology.

Thanks to our partner Multimedi, we also use recognised Cisco training material in this course through our partnership with Cisco's Networking Academy.

Lessons and Learning

This pathway consists of Coaching Lessons that are given by our training experts and teach you certain topics step by step, Guided Self-Study in which you get access to our learning platform LearningFever to explore the material and Independent Learning in which you will actively search the internet yourself for necessary knowledge, examples and exercises.

These methodologies alternate strongly. If you want to know how this is distributed in this programme, request a sample lesson schedule via our contact page.


This training contains a number of compulsory components and optional components. Below, we briefly list the compulsory components.

We expect a participant with full-time availability to take 4 months to complete the training. All our training courses are modular and can also be tailor-made.

This training can be used as the pre-training for Network Administrator and System Administrator.

Basic Component (4 months)

These parts must be followed by all participants and form the basis of this training:

  • Introduction to IT
  • Introduction to Networking
  • Introduction to Windows Client
  • Introduction to Windows Server
  • Introduction to PowerShell
  • Introduction to SQL Server
  • Introduction to Databases
  • Introduction to SQL
  • Office with M365
  • Introduction to M365 Cloud Infrastructure
  • Introduction to ITIL
  • IT Support Final Project

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Real stories from ClimIT'ers

Jeroen S.
Infrastructure Traineeship

When someone asks me what my job is, I want to answer with a proud smile. And this is just the start!

Stijn D.
Infrastructure Traineeship

After struggling to find something I really wanted to do, ClimIT helped me te reignite my interst in networking and cybersecurity.

Parcifal A.
Infrastructure Traineeship

After 20 years in horeca and the impact of Covid on my job, I decided to switch to my other passion.

Fenny W.
AWS/restart program

Clim IT helped me gain a better understanding of the responsibilities and the basic knowledge and skills I need to start a career in cloud computing.