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3 steps to expand your tech career

We believe in expanding non-traditional talent pools via our own modern technical training programs.
We train potentials without prior knowledge or IT background to a specific job within IT.
We guide talent in a new career and facilitate the integration into the IT labor market.

Switch your carreer in the metaverse

Get an introduction to the world of networks and systems through an individual learning path.

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Real stories from ClimIT'ers

Jeroen S.
Infrastructure Traineeship

When someone asks me what my job is, I want to answer with a proud smile. And this is just the start!

Stijn D.
Infrastructure Traineeship

After struggling to find something I really wanted to do, ClimIT helped me te reignite my interst in networking and cybersecurity.

Parcifal A.
Infrastructure Traineeship

After 20 years in horeca and the impact of Covid on my job, I decided to switch to my other passion.

Fenny W.
AWS/restart program

Clim IT helped me gain a better understanding of the responsibilities and the basic knowledge and skills I need to start a career in cloud computing.

Find the right IT professional

Are you a company in need of an IT profile? We turn talent into your next IT professionals.
“ClimIT has helped us grow exponentially with the right IT profiles. They not only helped us with the recruiting of talent, but offered them training to match their skills with our demand”
Entree level recruitment and training for
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We are looking for you, if you are...

  • Convinced to give your career in IT a kickstart, boost or twist.
  • A tech enthusiast, but maybe you don't have the right diploma.
  • Really passionate, driven and have just that little bit of extra motivation.
  • Self-aware about the steps you want to take to reach your professional goals.
  • Willing to keep on learning with the right growth mindset for the future.
  • Ready for a professional career that makes you happy!