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Do you want to turn your talent into an IT career? With ClimIT we ensure a smooth transition and the necessary guidance in those first years of work experience.
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We are always happy to welcome talented new people. If you cannot find an open position that you'd like to apply for, submit an open application! If you are interested in doing a traineeship or thesis project, state this in the comments section, including the desired timescale.


Are you ambivalent about the usefulness of an open application? You shouldn’t be! There are a couple of benefits for both the organisation and you:

  • No application rounds: the organisation does not have to pay money for advertising job openings and planning application interviews.
  • No competition: if there are no job openings, fewer people will apply for this function/at this organisation. So your chances increase.
  • You stand out: you are not one of the many application letters. With an open application, you stand out.
  • Motivation: by sending an open application, you show initiative, and thereby motivation. And organisations like to have motivated interns.

Are you still hesitant? Get in touch with an ClimIT expert for more information.

Don't have the right skills for this role?

We train potentials without prior knowledge or IT background to a specific job within IT. Check out our Training Tracks and get this job!
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How we make it happen

1. Onboarding
Send your CV and give us an insight of what you want out of your future. We, on the other side, will tell you more about our working and selection process.
2. Career plan
Your career coach wil set up a personal development plan with you towards your professional goals. Whether these are soft skills or technical training programs, we have it all!
3. Placement
Your first steps in IT can be exciting, but also overwhelming and difficult. That’s why we work with companies that align with our core values and believe in diverse talent. Just like us.
4. Succes
While you grow in your career, we are stand-by in your first years of work experience. You can always count on us for hands-on technical support and coaching.