Become whatever you want in IT

Are you ready for a new professional challenge and want to turn your talent into an IT career? Never had the chance to study IT in the past? Or never thought of a career in IT? 
It's time for the next step!

Still in your current job?

Still at work, but want to switch to a job in IT?
You can also take our training tracks while still in your current job.

Keep your salary

We'll make sure you can keep your current job (and salary) as usual.

Adjusted to you

Together with you, we plan your training track.

After-hours classes

Our classes can continue in the evening or on weekends. Whatever you prefer.

Quick transition

After you complete the training track, we will ensure a smooth transition to your new job.

Get trained and start your carreer in IT

Already searching for the next step after your training? We got you covered! After you succesfully complete the training track you'll get the opportunity to work for one of our clients.

In the first one or two years on your new job, you get professional assistance from our ClimIT team when needed. If the company is convinced that you are a good hire for the long term, we offer them the possibility to hire you.

Yes, that what I want

Real stories from ClimIT'ers

Jeroen S.
Infrastructure Traineeship

When someone asks me what my job is, I want to answer with a proud smile. And this is just the start!

Stijn D.
Infrastructure Traineeship

After struggling to find something I really wanted to do, ClimIT helped me te reignite my interst in networking and cybersecurity.

Parcifal A.
Infrastructure Traineeship

After 20 years in horeca and the impact of Covid on my job, I decided to switch to my other passion.

Fenny W.
AWS/restart program

Clim IT helped me gain a better understanding of the responsibilities and the basic knowledge and skills I need to start a career in cloud computing.