We turn talent into IT professionals

We believe in expanding new talent pools: identifying those who are exceptional but often undervalued by our conventional models of evaluating talent.

Through a tailor-made and individualised career program, we prepare motivated and talented people to become the missing part in your company.

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The challenge of finding the right talent

While there have never been more job openings, we are still facing a talent shortage. Our education systems cannot meet the number of talents requested and due to the high speed at which technologies change, many candidates lack knowledge and experience about new tools.

With technology making almost everything accessible, more and more talents are gaining their technical skills in a different way, not having a bachelor's or master's degree. We help those who are highly motivated to make a career switch transform their talent into a real career by offering guidance and technical training programs.

Considering non-traditional candidates can seem like a challenge, but it can in fact create more advantages. Young, flexible talent promotes the mobility within an organization and stimulates innovation. By giving them long-term growth opportunities you can create a workforce that is really connected to the organization. In the long run, this wil create a sustainable digital climate for your company.

How we make it happen

Are you facing challenges as an employer when looking to find or recruit quality candidates in IT?

Looking for one of these profiles?

  • Junior IT support
  • Java developer
  • .NET developer
  • AWS cloud engineer
Let us tell you how we can help!

We help you find the right talent

You need tech talent? We generate a high quality inflow by detecting and discovering potential candidates through recruitment and our own modern education programs. Ater an extensive personal screening, our technical coaches check their analytical thinking and learning ability.

We question your company and staffing needs.

The ‘one size fits all’ model doesn’t suit us. Instead, we start by finding out your company and stang needs. What specific skills do our candidates need to help your company grow continuously? Ater we find your match, we keep with investing in growth. With our key partners in education, Multimedi & Obelisk, you will be sure that talent is developing the right way

You meet your future talent

We strongly believe in putting people first, so we never force the matchmaking process, and we pay close attention to your company climate and culture. Employees that feel good show the most attention and satisfaction towards their job roles. This, in turn, leads to better productivity, quality and growth of your company

And the next step?

When it feels right, you just know. Ater one or two years, you’ve seen the capacity, growth and attitude of your talent. If you are convinced, we offer the possibility to hire him of her yourself. We are always open to discuss the next step.

Our candidates are


The qualifications The qualifications our candidates gain are provided by the leading governing bodies in their respective fields giving you full confidence.

Practically trained

All our traineeships include practical training to emulate the work environment ensuring our candidates are all job-ready.

Highly motivated

Our candidates have all undergone months of intensive self-study to complete their traineeship requiring high levels of dedication.

We guarantee that our candidates are ready to hit the ground running in contributing to the overall success of your company!

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