Why this track?

Do you want to learn to support people and companies in their IT infrastructure? Then IT-Support employee is something for you.

The place where many IT careers begin, the IT helpdesk. A place where many people call when they have a simple computer problem, to ask for necessary support with more complex set-ups. Of course it is not only helpdesk, but also larger data centers and companies need good support engineers to keep their systems running.

This training track brings you to the level of a Junior IT support employee with badge recognition from Cisco. This training track is also the preliminary training for Network Administrator and System Administrator.

This learning path consists of...

  • Coaching sessions that are given by our training experts to teach you certain topics step by step
  • Guided self-study where you get access to our learning platform LearningFever to investigate the subject matter
  • Independent Learning where you actively look up on the internet for necessary knowledge, examples and exercises.
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Techincal part

  • Introduction to IT & Networking (CCNA 1/CCNA2)
  • Introduction to Windows Client & Windows Server
  • Introduction to PowerShell
  • Introduction to SQL & SQL Server
  • Introduction to Databases
  • Office with M365
  • Introduction to M365 Cloud Infrastructure
  • Introduction to ITIL
  • IT Support Final Project

Career coaching

  • Communication skills specific for heldesk function
  • Job Interview skills

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Do I fit the profile?

  • You are highly motivated and eager to learn
  • You have a passion for IT or affinity with computers
  • You are a good communicator in English and Dutch
  • Mature and professional with a focused mindset
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Our approach


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Practical Info

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